Friday, July 1, 2016

Pets are parasites

Animals walk by our side since the dawn of Humanity. These noble creatures used to be precious assets in the great fight for survival. 

Nowadays, although they've become completely useless, pets are still very popular: their lovely facies allow them to blithely squat our homes, live a lazy life and enjoy free food. No struggle for life anymore for those lucky bastards!

Meanwhile the wild animals that used to be a threat are now  endangered.

You can say, okay fair enough! They helped us in the past, we owe them. But sometimes it gets just ridiculous, don't you think? I have a friend who's got an old fat cat, she calls it her baby... It spends his life eating like a pig and shedding hair on her bed. My friend thinks he's just adorable.
I think he's lucky to be born a cat. Imagine one second if he was actually a human being...  

Isn't he cute and chubby?

Pets are nothing more than parasites. Let me show you now a beginner's guide to the feline sponger: 

Well... actually I have no lessons to give about that. I'm seriously infested myself.