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You may think my drawings are very simple and they must be quite easy to make. Well that's not entirely true. Though they are relatively quickly done, it takes me on average two days to draw a story that you will read in three minutes.
For my doodles, I use a Wacom Intuos digital tablet and Photoshop. It is usually done in four or five steps :
First step: the sketch. I make a very quick sketch to set up the composition of the picture.  
 Step 2: the lines. On a new layer I start drawing more precisely the characters on the foreground.
Step 3: the background. The background always remains very sketchy because it's not where the reader's attention must be focused.
Step 4: the shadows. It draw the shadows on the characters and the background and correct the few details. Sometimes I add a little color. This step is actually the longest. And it's even longer if I decide to ad some text because -I know it's crazy-! handwriting is WAY more difficult than drawing to me!
Et voila!
Believe me or don't, I'm a perfectionist. I'm aware of how imperfect these doodles are, but I've decided to show them regardless. To me it's a good way to feel more confident and I think people nowadays value creativity over perfection. I think it's a good thing:  if you wait for something to be perfect before showing it you might die of old age before it happens! 

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