My dogs

Do you want to know my dog family better? Yeah! They're fantastic. Let's start with Katie.

Katie is the mother of the Gretz, Neb, Tecumseh and Cochise and the leader of the team. She's a funny dog, full of energy.  She looks like a small and delicate creature but in reality she's very tough.
Cochise is the smallest boy of the litter. He loves to sleep on my lap. He's smart and playfull, makes fantastic burps after meals... but not a very good at pulling a sled!

Gretz is the biggest dog of the litter. He's my canicross partner and a very good sled dog.  He's got the sweetest lips in the world and makes extraodinary saliva bubbles when he sees food. 

Tecumseh is a tall and elegant dog. He's nice and easy going, no one can resist his sheep's eye!

Aleut is a siberian husky, he may look like a cuddly toy, he's in fact a grumpy old dog! He can be very despotic with the other dogs and humans.

Asgard is a doberman pinscher. She's a great dancer and a notorious psycho.
Nebraska is a graceful little princess and probably the cutest dog in the world.

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