Friday, June 17, 2016


Crows... People think they are ugly and mischievous. Nobody likes them.
And you know what? They don't care!

I admit they look pretty gloomy. 
But they are also crazy and fun characters.
Crows are a pain for the other birds. They take pleasure in bullying the small birds.
And annoying the bigger ones. 
Crows are scavengers, they take advantage of every  death in the forest.  
But in the city also they know how to found a disgusting feast to feed themselves.
Nope. Nobody likes crows. Except me.
I think these flying scoundrels have a lot to teach us. How to be happy without worrying about the tittle-tattle, how to enjoy every opportunity life presents us. They teach us that not having a melodious voice is not enough reason to stop singing...